George J. Ryan's 
8th Grade 
Art Show 2021
The Planets Of the Universe by Daniel M
Landscape by Peter K
Cherry Blossoms by Ava L
Artwork by Esther H
Nature with Nature by Chloe K
7 Little Fluffs by Rachel N
A Basket of Fruit by Tyler T
A Messy Hallway by Mushfiqur R
My Fav Anime Characters by Dominique D
A Happy Puppy by Lauren L
Origami Eiffel Tower by Zuhayer I
Among Us Squishy by Maggie N
Amazing Trios by Maisha R
A Splash Of Coffee by Ryan C
Floating Fish by Janice P
Black and White Still Life by Biprabrati P
Fashion Design by Emily Z
Mountain Landscape by Walter X
Expressing Your Personality by Aisha S
Embroidered Spirit by Asiyah C
Gratitude coasters by Madison L
Flintstone Family by Rebeca S
In Another Galaxy by Mushfiqur R
Holiday Creation by Marcanthony T
Memories by Charles Y
Katara From ATLA (Realistic Version) by Ranisa K
Mr. Pickle hero by Caleb K
Movie Scene Painting By Lily Deng
Practicing Proportions and Shading by Naviana C
Optical Illusions by Edmund L
Qilin's Place by Kevin L
Pumpkin Still life by Kota W
Project Plant Holder By Lily Deng
The 7 elements of art by Stacy D
Rock Painting by Shirley J
Rainy Day by Emma C
Underwater by Heejin K
The Blossom Wreath by Vilen L
Winter Tree by Gabriel T
Using Negative Space by Akash R
Untitiled by David S
Yard Sketch by Mark T
Gwen the Hallowed Seamstress by Becky Y