SchoolArtShow.com FAQ

Will this always be free?

The site is 100% free for now while we continue to add features until we get it to a point that we are comfortable charging for it. We are hoping to get as much feedback as possible during this time and hope to make it a paid product by Fall 2020. In the meantime, your donations help keep the site going and any amount that you do pay will go to offset your costs after we do make this a paid site! We will let you know at least 30 days before your account becomes paid! We are not collecting payment information at this time, so you won't wake up to any unexpected charges!

Where did you get the idea for the site?

It all started when COVID 19 hit NYC and my fiance who works as the art teacher at a small school for children with special needs in Manhattan went online to teach art from home. She would talk to me constantly about missing the kids and seeing their artwork hung up around the school at the end of the year. I was also out of work due to COVID and wanted to help her with a solution! We teamed up and created the "School Art Show" website for her to have an opportunity to showcase the amazing art her students were creating at home. We wanted it to feel as much like a real art show as possible and be something that would make the kids (and parents) smile. We are still working hard on updates and additional features and are excited to share more soon.

Do I need an account to create an art show?

Right now you do need an account to try out the product. Accounts are 100% free and you will not need to put in any credit card info or anything other than your email and name. We will never share this info with any 3rd parties and will only use it to communicate with you about SchoolArtShow.com, and as a way for your to login and/or recover your password. We are working on a feature let people try out the product without an account, but for now you will need to create one!

Are the art show links private?

When you create an art show, it generate a private link with a scrambled-looking URL that is nearly impossible to guess. We also set it up so Google will not index these pages. In order for someone to access the show, they would need for someone to send them the exact link.

Do parents/friends need an account to view the show?

No accounts are needed to view the show. As explained in the previous question, they will just need the exact link to the show.

I want to have each student write an artist statement. Can that be added?

We will have artist statements available very shortly! Stay tuned!

Is there a limit on the number pictures I can upload? Or the number of art shows I can create?

Currently there is no limit on either the number of pictures you can upload or the number of art shows you can create. For the best looking slideshows, we do recommend keeping it to around 30 or fewer pictures per show, but there is nothing stopping you if you want/need to go higher!

Are there any other limits on what I can upload?

All files must be under 5MB. The site currently accepts jpg/jpeg, gif and png files.

I work at more than one school. Do I need multiple accounts? Can I create more than one art show?

As long as you are the only person using your account, you can use for as many schools, classes, etc. that you need. But please do not share your account info with anyone else!

What if I'm having trouble using the site?

Please contact me at jim@panelssoftware.com and I'll do my best to help!

What if I have a suggestion for a feature? Or what if I want the site to work in a different way?

We love to get suggestions and feedback from teachers! Please email me at jim@panelssoftware.com to let me know! We have already integrated a few features that were suggestions of our users.

This site is a lifesaver! How can I show more support?

We really do hope you are enjoying using the site - we have a great time working on it! If you would like to support us directly, you can either buy me a cup of coffee, or Venmo me directly at @Jim-panels. Anything you pay will go as a credit against your account if/when this becomes a paid product!

Some samples of images created by SchoolArtShow.com: